Guest Newsletter Sign Up

Each month the Mason Vera Paine show sends out a list of topics we are working on. Those on the list have a shot first at the topics we are working on before we pursue guest through other methods. Sign up to be added to this for media opportunities.

Keep in mind the following:

If you are a publicist and represent a client, only sign yourself up for the list and not your client with your information. If you wish to sign your client up, please do so with their information.

Understand those the list will be contacted for opportunities for the Mason Vera Paine show and other shows affiliated with the producer.

Make sure you open and review the list once you receive it. If after three months you do not review the list we will remove you.

Make sure you are clear and concise on the question below concerning expertise. You have limited space so make sure its short. For example: What is your expertise: Health Care.



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